About us

About us

We at Aizen Fire Protection, Inc.®,
think that things can be done differently.

After many years in the business of fire protection, we decided to open a company with better goals and new standards of customer service to maximize our level of professionalism. In our field, there is no place for mistakes or unprofessional service. We carefully hire honest personnel, train them ourselves, and send them to pass the certification of The State Fire Marshal in order to service you in the best way.

We never use sale persons or any other gimmicks in order to get your business. The same technician that comes to your location is the one to service you.

In order to be up to date to serve you better, all of our company’s members pass classes and seminars led by the Fire Protection manufacturers. We take our business very serious. We’re always on time to service appointments in order to stay on schedule for all of our projects, including installations and repairs. Being on time is one of our goals. We are committed to excellence and try to provide the perfect solution according to your budget and situation.

We are licensed by the Contractors State License Board, Type C16, Number: 892685
And by The State Fire Marshal, Numbers: A0456, E2347
For your safety, we are fully insured and carry Workers’ Compensation.
We are a member of NFPA (National Fire Protection Association), NAFED (National Association of Fire Equipment Distributors), CALSAFE (California Association of Life Safety and Fire Equipment), and the B.B.B. (Better Business Bureau).

El Pollo Loco Installation in Lakewood, CA


We are a member of NFPA (National Fire Protection Association), NAFED (National Association of Fire Equipment Distributors), CALSAFE (California Association of Life Safety and Fire Equipment), and the B.B.B. (Better Business Bureau).

Our People

Our entire team of technicians is licensed and professionally trained. All of our team’s employees have serviced thousands of Fire Suppression systems and portable Fire Extinguishers throughout the years.

Our Mission

We strive to provide our customers the best equipment and service as well as the knowledge and ability to extinguish fire emergencies, which saves lives and properties.

Our Quality

What is different about us? We do not compromise when it comes to quality! When you order services or products from Aizen, rest assured, you will receive the highest service and best equipment to suit your needs.

Our Knowledge

We at Aizen believe “Knowledge is Power”! We educate our customers how to avoid fire and use the equipment to extinguish fires in case of emergency. We believe that by explaining the hazards and best ways to handle them, you will be able to keep your people and valued properties out of danger.


Our Work

We service, test, repair and install our equipment by the regulations and codes of the NFPA (National Fire Protection Association), the manufactories and the local Authority Having Jurisdiction. All of our work is performed by certified technicians who find the right equipment in accordance to the specific place and situation that needs to be protected.

Our Satisfaction

Your Satisfaction is ours! We promise to take care of each and every customer personally, to ensure that our customers are pleased with our work, customer service, and price. Our reputation is excellent. We invite you to try our services and join our thousands of satisfied customers.

Our Guarantee

We give you our signature guarantee for each service performed by us and each product you buy from us. We stand behind our services and products and promise to provide you a full warranty.

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